Leaders of Shandong and Dongying Medical Products Administration Visited Yidu for Supervision and Research

On August 10 2021, Leaders from Joint Inspection Center from medical products Division of Shandong Medical Products Administration, the Third Branch of Regional Inspection, Shandong and Dongying Adverse Reaction Monitoring Centers visited Shandong Yidu Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. to supervise the post-marketing work. 

The Associate Quality Director, the production director and other staff accompanied leadering officals to inspect in workshop and made reports.


In Quality Inspetion Building


In Bulk Drug Substance Workshop of Rabies Vaccine


In Preparation Workshop of Rabies Vaccine



Later, the assocaite quality director introduced basic information, and discussed the development plan and problems need to be solved with leaders in panel. The inspector of inspection center introduced the following work arrangement and needs; Aiming at exsiting problems and sloving measures, leaders from the third Branch of regional Inspection, Shandong and Dongying adverse reaction monitoring centers exchanged ideas successively and gave their suggestion on how to do a good supervision and build overall PhV system, it would guild Yidu to do better in the future and promote the development of vaccine industry. 

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