Products under Development:

1. 5-Valent Reassorted Attenuated Live Rotavirus Vaccine, Oral(Vero cell)

In order to develop and mannufacture rotavirus vaccines, Yidu Bio imported 5-valent human reassorted rotavirus strains from NIH in 2018 and Vero cells from WHO respectively, it is planned to market in 5-6 years with the designed capacity of 24million doses per year. The available rotavirus vaccines in domestic market is animal-origined (single valent, sheep strain), while Yidu Bio uses human-origined reassorted virus strains to develop rotavirus vaccines, because animal-origined vaccines have been replaced by reassorted vaccines and human-oringined vaccines in aboard. The 5-valent human reassorted attenued live rotavirus vaccine, oral(Vero cell), developed by Yidu, is more safer with dominent immune effect. It's an innovation and its top quality has been reached the advanced level in the world.

2. Varicella vaccine,Live 

Varicella-Zoster virus(Oka strain), imported from ATCC, has been used to develop and produce Varicella vaccines. Preclinical research is under way.

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